Your Club, Your Web Site, the easy way.
Home Page
The first thing that anyone (including those not in your club) will see when they enter your address. Its shows the latest news, events and links to other pages.
Latest News
Used to tell vistors what is going on, this is shown on the Home Page and the Latest News page.
Only selected news will be shown in the Public Web Site.
Upcoming Events
The next three events are shown on the homepage showing when and what type of event it is.
Only selected events will be shown in the Public Web Site.
Web Pages
Just like on other websites, pages are shown grouped by a section and can have images added to them.
Member Registration
Members of your club can use the online form to register for an account for the Member Area.
Users must be comfirmed before they are able to login.
Contact Form
Easy to use form for vistors to contact you through the web site.
No contact details / your location is shown to vistors of the website.
Public Web Site